Raising a family in Australia

6 Sep

For those of you who don’t live down under, have you ever wondered what it’s like? Do we really ride kangaroos to school and wear shorts all year round. No. And no. Well, some places are hot year round, but not the whole country (as I used to think before I came here!). Here is a little insight state by state.

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According to the US Department of Agriculture, raising children in Australia is cheaper than America,
so for an investment property why not consider Australia?


Queensland is renowned for its diverse economy and smart businesses. The region has some
fantastic landscapes, great weather and good career prospects. Added to this is the opportunity for
a great outdoor life. Queensland has golden sandy beaches, blue skies, lush rainforests, mountain
ranges and spectacular coral reefs. Queensland, however, is not just blessed with great natural
beauty; it is also a great place for business and its quality of life ranks as one of the best in the
world. Queensland also has a vibrant cultural scene and a world-class education system, with ten
internationally recognized universities.


Victoria is keen on attracting skilled migrants and it is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the
world. The region has a strong economy with good opportunities for skilled and business migrants.
The region boasts world-class health and education systems and vibrant multicultural communities
making it a great place for families. The capital city is Melbourne, which is renowned for its major
sporting events including the Melbourne Cup and the Australian Open Tennis tournament. Melbourne
is also Australia’s cultural heart with hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques, as well as a
host of local and international entertainments and exhibitions.

New South Wales

New South Wales welcomes skilled and business migrants. The region is Australia’s economic
powerhouse and is amongst the most competitive business areas in the Asian Pacific. Sydney is
the third largest financial center in the region and has plenty of opportunities for professionals in a
wide range of industries. Education is big business in New South Wales, earning the government
$5.8 billion from overseas students each year. New South Wales plays host to an amazing array
of sporting, cultural and business events throughout the year. Quality of life is high being ranked
tenth in a list of 420 cities in the Worldwide Quality of Living index in 2010. Sydney offers families
great beaches and a good secure environment, with excellent education, transport, infrastructure and

The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is ideal for those who want a relaxed lifestyle. The land is diverse, ranging
from lush tropical rainforests to sweeping endless savannah, to the rugged outback terrain. The
Northern Territory offers families a healthy outdoor lifestyle and with commutes to work generally
being around 15-20 minutes, there is plenty of time to enjoy family life. The economy has been
booming in the last three years and the region has some of Australia’s highest salaries and lowest
unemployment rates. The region is an international gas hub and a developing trade gateway to Asia,
ensuring that demand for skills will remain high.


Tasmania is an island just off the south-east coast of Australia, is affordable, and has a mild climate
and plenty of stunning scenery. It is a great place for those who like the outdoors, as 40 percent of
its land is a national park. Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, has some of the cheapest housing in Australia
and the private or public schools have well-qualified teachers and small class sizes. The University of
Tasmania offers a wide range of high quality degrees. There are plenty of job opportunities with key
industries being tourism, agriculture, food processing, forestry, manufacturing and tourism.

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  1. LBcruiseshipblogger September 6, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    What, no kangaroos for Hannah? And she doesn’t have a pony either.

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