I’ll look after you

17 Aug

Last weekend I was feeling quite sick. I had a nasty cough that stole most of my voice and left me sounding much like a chain smoking transvestite. Not that I’ve ever met a chain smoking transvestite. But you get my drift. I laid on the couch, coughing my guts up and curling into a ball to stay warm despite my fever of 39.5c (103.1F). I just wanted to lay there. Needed to.

Hannah came bounding in from her room, the quilt that Grandma Linda (my host mum. Exchange student mother if you don’t know what a host mum is) made for her, and her Dora blanket hanging from her arms, almost tripping her as she walked.

She came over to me and laid them out on top of me.

Her little face changed to an expression of concern. “I’ll look after you mommy,” she told me firmly as she smoothed the blankets out and patted my side.

“Here Mommy.” She gave me some stuffed animal toys to cuddle.

“You need some books to read.”  She went off and brought me some of her books, getting quite upset when Daniel came over to look at them instead of me.


“Do you need anything else, Mommy?”

“No sweetie, I think I’ve got everything I need. Thanks baby, you’re very sweet.”

“I think you need some food. I’ll get you an apple and a passionfruit.” She climbed up on her desk to reach the fruitbowl on the kitchen counter, and then put her chosen fruit in 2 of her little plastic tea set bowls before bringing them to me.

“Here Mommy. In case you get hungry.”

She ran off to her room again.

When she came back, she was carrying her pink Dora the Explorer garbage bin. I must say, I was a little baffled.

“You need this too Mommy…for your tissues.” She is clearly smarter than me.

The next day she laid on the couch, scrunched her face up, forced out a pretend cough and said in her sooky voice “Mommy, I feel a little bit sick, you can look after me.” FYI, she was not actually sick.

“I need my blankets, some books, an apple and passionfruit, my bin, and my Mickey.”

Cheeky monkey.

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2 Responses to “I’ll look after you”

  1. Wendy Lawrence August 19, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    🙂 Super cute!

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