You need a pushchair

16 Aug

Pushchairs can be a pain in the bottom. They can be heavy, hard to fold, hard to unfold, hard to fit in the car, big and bulky, hard to manoeuvre, etc, etc.

I remember when Hannah was little, she’d often scream in the car. And I mean scream. Like she was being tortured by her car seat. Unless we were moving. When we stopped, she couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I’d have to leave her screaming in her seat while I slowly and carefully got the heavy pram out of our tiny boot and unfolded it. Oh the screaming….

But what if there was a pushchair (pram/stroller/buggy) that unfolded itself. Genius. You could hold the screaming child (which wouldn’t be screaming anymore since you were able to pick her up) while getting the pram ready.

I unfold myself. Yes, I am a genius like that.

Hannah was never a pram sleeper. No matter how far I walked, how much I rocked the pram, or how dark I made it inside the pram when I covered it with a blanket, she would not sleep. It was so frustrating. I could never go anywhere at nap time unless I was fully prepared to deal with an overtired, extremely cranky/whingey bubba later.  I’d have a measly hour and a half to 2 hour window (more as she got older) when I could go out. That seems ok, but by the time I got where I was going and leave time to drive back, I didn’t actually have much time to do anything. Not to mention if she fell asleep in the car, even for 2 minutes, she wouldn’t nap after that, nor would she transfer from car to cot. Sigh.

I bet she would have slept in the pram if I had one of these:

Quinny Dreami Baby Carrycot – a bassinet that attaches to the pram

She could have laid down in there on the little mattress, completely flat, very comfortable and cozy. Yes, that would have been handy. Oh the places I could have gone.

If you have a baby, a pram is usually a necessity. For me it is anyway. After a few months, babies get quite heavy. I don’t want to be carrying them around everywhere. My arms feel like they’re going to fall off after 2 minutes of carrying Daniel around. Especially since he decides he doesn’t actually want to be carried and attempts to get down via flapping like an octopus out of water. Oh yes, I’m all about strapping him in the pram when I need to walk around places. With a pram, I can walk to town and back home up the big hill which gives me quite a good butt workout. I can strap Daniel in when we are dining at friends’ houses and use the pram as a makeshift highchair. I can take the pram to the shopping centre and push Daniel around in that instead of one of the ridiculous shopping trolleys that prefer to travel half sideways, are really hard to manoeuvre, and Daniel can stand up in and jump out if I’m not staring at him every second.

When I broke my wrist, I wasn’t allowed to drive. I had to ride the bus everywhere. With 2 kids, that would have been impossible without the pram. Holding 2 kids on my lap on the bus? Ha! Not to mention walking a kilometre to the bus stop. I definitely needed my pram. Rain or shine, it didn’t matter. Prams have a sunshade and you can get a rain cover too. Some even come with them.

With a rain cover

Where do you buy a pram? Shop for a Quinny pram at Argos. You can order online for pick up at a shop or delivery. Easy.

*This post was in partnership with Argos.

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