Hiding from salesmen

3 Jul

Knock knock.

The knock sounded very quiet, but I looked through the peep-hole on my front door anyway. Nope, it was someone for the neighbour. They weren’t knocking on my door.

She knocked again. And stood there a while. Yeah, I was still watching from the peep-hole. She had a clipboard, black pants, and a button up shirt.


Death of a Saleswoman: Festival Version

She gave up and came straight over to my door.

Knock knock.

I was still watching through the peep-hole.

Oh wait, can she see a dark spot through the peep-hole?! Does she know that I’m there?

I quickly left the peep-hole.

“Don’t let them in Mommy.” Hannah told me as I left the door to continue playing trains with her and Daniel. “I don’t want them to come in.”

The TV was on, ABC for kids could clearly be heard from outside.

Knock knock.

She knew someone was home.

But I kept ignoring her.

Knock knock.

“Mommy, who’s at the door?” Hannah asked loudly.


“Answer the door Mommy! Who’s at the door?” One minute she doesn’t want me to open it, the next she’s shouting for me to go and open it.

Oh crap. Now she knows beyond a doubt that I’m home. But now it’s a bit too late to open the door. 


Knock knock.

“Mommy, the door! Who’s at the door?!”

Note to self: Don’t hide from sales people when the kids are around. It’s not very stealthy.

The knocking stopped. I guess they got the hint.

“Why didn’t you open the door Mommy?”

“Because it was a sales person, Hannah. I don’t particularly want to switch electricity companies, or get a home phone, or cable TV, so it was just easier to not answer the door. Besides, I’m having too much fun playing trains with you guys to speak to some random.”

On an unrelated note, The Jess just got back from Hawaii, and look what she got me:

Best. Shoes. Ever! Don’t you just love our shaggy brown carpet? Told you our apartment was slightly dodgy….

Vans Authentic Lo Pro (Sequins) Pink/True White Sneakers Shoes

Have you read my review of the AirFloss? What the heck is an AirFloss?

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