Would you like some kung kung?

24 May

Hannah was shaking her sippy cup of water into some play dishes at her play kitchen.  Then she’d stir, pour some into other dishes, stir some more, etc. She was in mini-masterchef mode. I’m quite sure in her eyes, there was more than water. She was creating something.

“What are you making?” I asked her.

Without hesitation, she answered me, as if she’d known through the whole process exactly what it was that she was creating. “Amazing Kung kung!”

I stifled a giggle. Such an imagination my little monkey has! She was so proud of her dish. She brought me some in a cup to drink. I, of course, just pretended.

“Would you like some amazing kung kung Mommy?”

“Mmmmm! This is delicious!” I told her.

When Aaron got home, she was still at it. Slaving away at her kitchen like it was the only thing in the world that mattered.

“What are you cooking?” Aaron asked her.

“Amazing Kung kung!” She told him proudly.

“What’s in Kung kung? Is there flour in it?”





“Yeah. And pool. And Kung.” She told us.

“Anything else?” Aaron asked her.


Inside, we were in hysterics, but we didn’t want to laugh at her when she was having such a great time and using her imagination so well.

The next day, she was making Kung kung again.

“What’s in your Kung kung Hannah?”

“1 cup of sugar, and some water.”

I asked her again today.

“Just water.” She told me.

I guess Kung kung is ever-changing. And ever-hilarious.

I don’t know where Hannah comes up with this stuff, but she sure makes us laugh!
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One Response to “Would you like some kung kung?”

  1. Lisa Wood May 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Too cute!!

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