Hide and seek (according to a 2 year old)

21 May

Hannah loves playing hide and seek. I think if she had someone willing, she could play all day long.

She’s a very good hider.

“Mommy, I want to play hide and seek.” Hannah tells me.

“Ok sweetie, you hide and I’ll count.”

“I’m going to hide in the closet!”

She doesn’t seem to get the fact that I’m not supposed to know where she’s hiding.

“Can you help me mommy, I need help getting into the hamper.”

Her hiding places are so good that she needs help getting into them properly.

In the laundry hamper

Sometimes she can hide herself.

Hiding in her blanket

But then while she’s in her hiding spot, she yells “Mommy! I’m in here Mommy! Mommy, I’m in my bed!” I, of course, pretend I don’t know where she is and go around announcing that I can’t find her.

“Where’s Hannah? I can’t find her anywhere! She’s not in the closet…she’s not under the bed.”

“Mommy, I’m in my bed!”

“THERE YOU ARE! You’re such a good hider!”

Oh, I had no idea you were in your bed….

Sometimes she plays with me and Aaron. Aaron will help her hide while I count.

But she still tells me where she’s going to hide.

“Mommy, Daddy is going to help me hide in the couch!” She tells me excitedly.

This is a favourite spot of hers

Daniel likes to play too.

Daniel finding Hannah

Especially when Hannah hides on Aaron’s and my bed.

Sometimes Mickey gets to play too

She hides in Aaron’s coat.

Where did Hannah go?

And she loves to hide in her stuffed toy bucket. Once we played when Grandma was here and Grandma really had no idea where she was (Grandma is hard of hearing, so she couldn’t hear Hannah’s muffled “I’m in here Grandma!” talking).

Hannah is actually in that bucket.

See, she really is in there

How do your toddlers play hide and seek?

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5 Responses to “Hide and seek (according to a 2 year old)”

  1. Karen @ Folk Haven May 22, 2012 at 12:52 am #

    My 2 year old has just gotten into hide and seek too. I act like I can’t find him and go around asking, “Are you in the bathroom (followed by any and all other places he might ever visit in the course of a day, both at home and out)?” He considers each one then says “No” (which he LOVES saying!) Then when he can’t take it anymore he pops up and I act suprised and he laughs and laughs. Hide and seek with a toddler is just too cute!

  2. BeccaB May 22, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    aww…. Shes still better at it than my almost 3 year old. He alternately stands behind me covering his eyes copying every number I count off, or he stands behind a tallish piece of furniture giggling and pops out at me shouting “boo” when I get close


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