The wrecked wrexy

6 May

“The car is really dirty, we should wash it next week.” Aaron told me as we drove down our driveway.

“Yeah, sounds good.”

To the right, a big blue Commodore, blocked the view. Plus the other 2 cars parked behind it. And the crest of a hill. That doesn’t help much either. To the left, a little Barina was parked right next to the driveway. Aaron looked to the right before we got to the foot path. Checked to see if anyone was coming. You have to look under the cars because you can’t see through them/over them/beyond them. Unless you stick the entire hood of your car onto the road. But then you’d be blocking a whole lane of traffic.

It’s ok when there is no one parked to the left of the drive way. Then you can turn onto the side of the road and look from there without being collected as you pull out.

No one was coming. He checked again, then hit the gas. Gotta be quick since you can’t see past the hill even if there are no cars parked there at all.

“AARON!!!!!” I screamed. Or something to that effect. I can’t actually remember what I said. Just that it was said whilst screaming. He didn’t see it until I screamed.

A flash of red was right next to us. The car jolted and made hideous screeching and crunching metal-on-metal noises.

I could see the blue car that was parked to the left of our driveway. My side of the car was headed straight for it.

The blue car we side swiped

More screeching and crunching filled the air. People came running out of their apartments to see what was going on.

I was shaking like a leaf. Hannah was laughing. Apparently this ride was the super fun.

Somehow we managed to pull over to the side of the road just behind the red car we collided with.

The red car we collided with

I sat there, shaking in my seat and practically hyperventilating. I don’t know why. The accident didn’t even jolt us about. We weren’t hurt in the slightest. Just shocked. Or something like that.

Our poor WRX

I stayed in the car for a while. Watched Aaron jump out and enquire as to the wellbeing of the man and woman in the other car. They were fine too. I sat there. Watching. Shaking. Regrouping.

We only just paid off the car. Did I mention that? Yeah. Just a few weeks ago. It’s finally ours. We finally own one thing that costs more than a thousand dollars. Sigh.

The people in the other car were very nice about it. They said their driveway is really hard to see from too. They completely understood. They weren’t even annoyed. Just relieved that everyone was ok.

They were turning right from a street across the road and to the right of us. They weren’t even visible through the cars. No wonder Aaron didn’t see them. By the time he was on the road it was too late. Plus he was looking left anyway, to make sure he didn’t hit the blue car when turning.

We were on our way to church. Today was the church’s birthday. They were having pony rides, face painting, a jumping castle, and a petting zoo. Hannah was so excited.

But now we have no car. We had to speak to the insurance company, get a tow truck, organise a rental car for the next couple of weeks.

I got the kids out of the car and took them inside. Hannah wanted to get her tool box out so she could go fix the car. I told her she couldn’t because there were lots of sharp pieces of glass. She wanted to do some pasting instead.

“What do you want to paste?” I asked her. She gets me to cut things out and then she pastes them onto a sheet of paper.

“Cars.” She told me “Three cars.”

And this is what she made:

How sad is that?

“Daddy doesn’t look where he is going.” She told us. “Daddy crashed the car. But mommy looks where she is going.”

My little Hannah tiger

Eventually we did get to church. Hannah got to ride a pony, with her face painted like a

Hannah having a pony ride

tiger. And then we went home. On the bus.


And now, as I write this, I can hear people running over little bits of our car as they drive past. Aaron swept up what he could, but it was kinda hard to do in traffic breaks. Sigh.

Daniel watching the petting zoo

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4 Responses to “The wrecked wrexy”

  1. Lisa Wood May 6, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    So glad you are all ok – and that no-one was hurt. Car accidents are so scary, at least everyone was safe. Bummer about the car, at least it can be replaced xx

    • Mommy Adventures May 6, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

      Thanks 🙂 We find out tomorrow the extent of the needed repairs. Good thing we have insurance!


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