The reason for lack of posts

9 Jul

As I said before, I was doing something far more important in my during-Hannah’s-nap free time.  Well, I was trolling the internet for houses/apartments for rent.  As I said before, three grown women, all moms, all thinking they are the mom of the house (FYI, I am the mom, I am the one with a small child….), all strong willed, stubborn, and butting heads all of the time, doesn’t work.  So, Aaron, Hannah, and unborn Boy Baby and I are moving.  Relief sigh.

Yeah, I’m 36 weeks pregnant.  So maybe we’re a little crazy, but it’ll be better for everyone, and I’ll be way less stressed when the baby comes if we have our own place before hand.

Hannah said she already has a house and doesn’t want another one.  It nearly broke our hearts.  But then we took her to have a look at some places and she ran around them all excited-like and said she liked them and she’d like to live there.  She also said she wants to share a room with Baby Brother, which is good, since we’re moving to a two bedroom apartment.  Bit of a change, but we can save for a deposit and get good loan benefits on our own place that way.  Plus, we like it North of Sydney and North of Sydney is expensive.  Houses out there cost a million dollars plus, so we’ll have to buy an apartment if we decide to buy out that way.  Going from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom in a way nicer area will be a big step up.  Going from a house with a yard to an apartment would not.  So it makes sense.  To us anyway.

We’ll be moving next Saturday, so I’ll be attempting to pack and not go into labour before that.  Blog posts will probably be sporadic before and after then (gotta unpack too, and get the internet hooked up when we get there!!), but I’ll be back to regular posts before you know it.  At least that is the intent.  Of course I am about to have another baby, so….

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