Poo face

11 May

Yesterday Hannah and I were without a car due to the expensive 6 month/12,000k service (where they check stuff and charge you a lot of money but didn’t really do anything).  I’ve kind of been dreading the start of potty training.  Fine, I’ve really been dreading it.  Pee on the carpet. Poo all over legs that run around with reckless abandon.  Getting her to sit on the potty without forcing her to do it and giving her a potty complex… Sigh.  Potty training sounds hard!  Plus, I don’t like staying home all day.  I get bored.  Hannah gets bored.  We get short with eachother.  We’re pretty much nuts by the time Aaron gets home.  Yeah, we have to get out.  Every day.

But, I took advantage of the lack of car and put the “big girl underpants” on Hannah, staying home for the entire day.  She, of course, wanted to run around starkers and giggle about it, but it was far too cold for that.  So, she wore the undies and pants on top of them.

“Hannah, did you do pee pee’s?”  I asked her.  Clearly she had.  I could smell it.  I could see the wet patch all over her pants.

“No.  No pee pees.”  Cheeky little monkey….

A new pair of big girl undies went on, but, she refused to wear pants.  Whatever, I suppose if she were cold enough, she’d put them on.  Or tell me she was cold.  She does tell me things like that.  Plus I turned the heater on.  I’m soft, what can I say.

The plan was to get her to sit on the potty an hour later, and pretty much every hour, in hopes of catching some pee pee during one of the frequent potty sits.

But then I saw the face.  Everyone has the face, it’s just not the same on each person.  You know, that face full of concentration, that face people pull when they’re deep in a particular task.  Some people pull the face when they’re running.  Others, when they’re playing guitar (side note, some guitar faces are really, really horrible).  Babies and toddlers, on the other hand, pull the face when they’re pooing.  Pooing seems to require a lot of concentration and skill when you’re a bubba.

“Are you doing a poo poo?”  I asked her, as she completely stopped what she was doing, the face plastered on her little toddler head.


She turned back to me, a look of concern added to poo face.  “Mommy, poo poo,”  she told me in a rather scared, whiney sort of way.

She didn’t know what to do.  She’d always gone poo poo in a nappy, not some thin little pair of undies with stars all over them.  She looked very worried.

Me on the other hand?  I went on auto pilot, scooping her up as fast as I possibly could, de-underwearing her and plopping her down on her awesome singing potty.

Part of me was petrified that the minute her bare little bottom hit that potty, she’d stand and bolt, leaving a trail of poo that had already started coming out behind, possibly stepping on it, spreading it all around the house like some horribly contagious disease.

But she didn’t.  She sat there like a good girl, a scared/concerned/what-the-heck-is-going-on look on her face, looking at me for answers.  She wanted me to read the potty book to her.  Her potty book just so happens to feature her exact potty.  It wasn’t even on purpose.  I didn’t even buy it for her, it was a gift from YaYa before we actually found Awesome Potty.  And then I didn’t realise that the potty in the book was the same as her potty until we read it a while later.

I read the potty book to her over and over again.  She sat there, listening, still concerned about what was going on. I suppose it’d feel pretty weird pooping sitting down, no nappy to catch her efforts, when she’d been doing it standing up, clad in a nappy for her entire life.

I kept reading.  She got up and there it was.  Sitting at the bottom of her little singing potty was her very first potty poop.  She looked at it with concern.  What was it doing in there?  Where does it go now?  It’s not like the little potty actually flushes, despite it’s little flushing handle that makes a flushing noise when you push it and sings a song about going in the potty and then flushing it all away.

I praised her and praised her.  I gave her a little piece of brownie and told her it was because she was such a good girl doing poo poo’s on the potty.  We washed her little hands in the sink.  Actually, we did that before the brownie.  She got to put a sticker on her brand new potty chart.

Then she ran to her bedroom, got out a nappy, laid down on her change mat and wanted me to put her nappy on quick-smart.


Today (1 day after pooping in potty) Hannah was terrified of her Awesome Potty and wouldn’t go anywhere near it.  I’m pretty sure she thinks it now houses a poo monster who will bite her if she enters it’s territory.  Sigh, that’s no good for potty training!

Regardless of the toilet phobia, I put her in her big girl undies after her nap (we were out all morning).  I tried to bribe her to sit on her potty, but she refused and became very whingey instead.  I was sure she’d wet herself, but whatever, at least she’d feel the unpleasant wetness instead of it being instantly absorbed in a nappy.

I had to pee in the evening and Hannah went in with me.  No surprise there, she always comes to the bathroom with me.  If I shut her out, she bangs on the door alarmingly loud and screams “Mommy!” the entire time I’m in there.  I’d rather just let her in, thank you very much.

Her cheap Kmart potty that she hated was still sitting next to the toilet.  She likes to use it as a stool when the lid is down.  She opened it up and went to sit on it.  I pulled her pants down and she sat there as I peed in the big toilet.  She got up when I did.  Nothing.

I went to pull up her pants.  “Pee pee.”  She told me.

“Do you have to go pee pee?”


I sat her back on the potty and somehow relaxed her with my horrid singing voice.  She likes it when I sing to her (for some strange reason…).

And then it happened.  She started peeing.  She peed a lot.  I’m not sure how her little toddler bladder held all that pee, but alas, somehow it did.

She stood up.  I gave her a square of toilet paper and she wiped herself and added it to the potty.  She shut the lid and told me to leave it there.  Apparently the act of putting the contents of the potty into the toilet somehow picks up the poo monster and renders the potty totally horrifying.  I left it there (until she went to bed).

She got another sticker on her chart, and a tiny piece of dark chocolate.  I can’t believe she successfully used the potty 2 days in a row.  Here’s to hoping the success keeps on coming!

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4 Responses to “Poo face”

  1. Jaci May 13, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    I soooooo know the Poo Face… my son would actually grin… giving literal meaning to the $hitty grin LOL! You would say, Dev are you poopin? and he would just grin and say noooo mama, no poop! And than WHOOSH what a stink! My 3yr old daughter Mel just finally got the whole potty thing down this week! We started when she was 2 1/2 and it was a nightmare of refusing to use the potty, or being scared of it like you said. Than summer hit and we were busy and let it slide for a whole 5mths more. Recently she got bronchitis and had to be on antibiotics that gave her diarrhea and she was so disturbed by that, that when it was done she wanted nothing to do with a diaper so back to the potty war we went. I put her in cotton training pants but she just peed in them with out a care. So I took her to the store, gave her money and told her to pick out some panties. She picked them out, put them in her basket, brought them to check out, paid for them and carried the bag. When we got home she took them out of the package, helped me wash and dry them and put them away. She was very attached to them and did not want to pee in them and started putting herself on the potty every 15-20 min. Now a week later she goes every few hours, has only had ONE pee accident and never had a poop accident and is dry all night! There is light at the end of the tunnel I promise!!! Maybe try having Hannah buy her own panties so that she is in love with them, also maybe get one of those potty seats that goes on the regular toilet, maybe she would like that! GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Sheri (Mommy Stuff Blogger) May 13, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

      Thanks for reading and being so helpful! I did take her to pick out some undies, but they didn’t have Dora undies in her size so she wasn’t very impressed…. I couldn’t find size 1’s either so I had to get size 2 which fall off of her, so I think I’ll have to try the whole exercise again at another store.

  2. Amy May 14, 2011 at 5:19 am #

    Oh how funny! Guess someone needs a little more time!


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