Flashback Friday: 10 years of Aaron and Sheri <3

21 Apr

What?  It’s not Friday?  Yeah, yeah, I know, but tomorrow is Good Friday, so it feels like Friday today.  Plus, today marks 10

Aaron and Me after 1 year together

years since Aaron and I became a couple.  Can’t really write about that tomorrow now could I?

My palms were all clammy.  My armpits were sweating.  I was hot, but cold at the same time.  My hands were shaking like an old lady. I probably looked like I was having some sort of fit.  I wasn’t.  I was just nervous.  I was going to the beach with Lauren, my host sister.  And Aaron.  Other people were going too, but they were in different cars.   I’d only met him briefly, a couple of times before, and I’m pretty sure no words actually escaped my mouth either time.  But I had a crush on him.

As you remember from last week, I wasn’t good with boys.  I’d never had a boyfriend.  I’d only been on one (awful) date in my entire life, and that was over a year before.

We were all sitting on the beach when all of our friends made up lame excuses to bolt, leaving just Aaron and me sitting there, rather awkwardly.  I guess they figured it was time for us to actually speak to each other.  I hope I didn’t smell.  I’m a nervous sweater….

“Look, we have matching scars!”  Aaron exclaimed as he pointed to the scar on his hip and then the one on mine.  He must have been checking me out.  I didn’t even notice his scar before he pointed it out.  Boys….  I could hear my friends giggling from not far away.  I guess Aaron was as bad with girls as I was with boys.  (Now that you’re curious, we have both had bone taken from our hips to put elsewhere, mine to fill the tumor in my leg, Aaron to fuse bone with a titanium plate after breaking his neck only a few months before we met.  Yeah, he’s lucky he can walk and talk.  Thank God for that!).

We somehow, in between all the I-suck-with-the-opposite-sex awkwardness, managed to talk a little.  We established that neither of us had ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend, and were both obviously shy in that department.  I think that’s when people started filtering back to save us from ourselves and my profuse sweating.

The next week, Lauren invited her boyfriend (who was Aaron’s best friend), over to play video games.  “Can you tell him to bring Aaron?”  I asked her shyly as my face turned an embarrassing shade of red.  Never the less, he came.  We didn’t really speak much, but I enjoyed being in his presence, sweating and saying awkward things at the wrong time.

That weekend, my friend had her 17th birthday party.  Somehow, there was alcohol there.  The legal age is 18 here, and I would just like to point out that I was in fact 18 at the time (only just, but that is not the point).

We started playing a drinking game with a deck of cards.  Each card meant something different, one allowing the person who drew it to make a rule that every time someone said a certain word or phrase, someone, a couple of people, or everyone would have to do something.  Anything goes, it was their rule to make.

Aaron and I the night we started going out (when I had to sit on his lap)

Everyone banded together to finally get the two obviously-like-each-other-but-are-painfully-retarded-with-the-opposite-sex people to finally get something going.  It started innocent enough.  Someone made a rule that I had to sit on Aaron’s lap.  I’d had quite a few shots by this point, in our playing-card drinking game, so I was feeling way less shy and much more confident.  I swayed on over and sat on that lovely lap, sweating like a pig (whatever, I know pigs don’t sweat, just roll with it), face bright red.

Then someone made the rule that every time anyone said the word ____ (can’t remember actual word), Aaron would have to kiss me on the cheek.   I, of course, didn’t know if he was doing it only because he had to, or because he actually liked it.  Everyone else could clearly see we liked each other, but as I said, we were both opposite-sex retarded.  Everyone took much pleasure in shouting ___  so I got lots of cheek kisses.

After a while, they upped the ante.  Someone made a rule that we would now have to kiss on the lips whenever anyone said ___.  We started out with the extremely quick, embarrassing, peck then quickly look in the opposite direction.  After a while, the little lip kisses started to linger.  Did I mention that was both of our first kisses?

When the game finished, we sat on the couch.  “Will you go out with me?” Aaron asked.   In our day, that meant being boyfriend/girlfriend.  I said yes of course.  But Aaron was drunk.  Drunker than me by that stage.  What if he didn’t remember asking me out by the next day?  What if I called him the next day or later and he was like ‘WTF?  I’m not going out with you!’  

No problem.  I had a video camera.  And an idea.

“Ask me again.”  I demanded.

I turned on the camera.  He asked me again.

“Why are you recording this?”  He asked, bewildered.

“Now, if you don’t remember tomorrow, I have proof.”

Oh how I wanted to post that footage here, but it’s unfortunately on old school VHS.  I don’t even have a VHS player, much less something to convert it into digital format, so, no video.  Sorry 😦

We somehow got back to Lauren’s house (where I was staying as an exchange student) and spent the rest of the night making out.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Happy 10 years Aaron, I love you!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to “Flashback Friday: 10 years of Aaron and Sheri <3”

  1. Sheri's DAD April 21, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    To much information for a Dad to read. Drinking, really…

    Kissing good, drinking bad.


  2. Michelle April 24, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    Congrats! 🙂 You look very happy together!! I am your newest follower from the finding new friends blog hop. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi! Hope to see ya on all my blogs 🙂




  3. M. Richards April 25, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    Newest follower- getting caught up on my blog hopping. Better later than never. Please return the favor and visit me too.


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