$65 for a potty??

14 Apr

When Hannah and I were in the U.S., we saw a little potty that Hannah LOVED.  She doesn’t love her potty.  Sure, she’ll stand on it with the lid down in attempt to reach the sink in the bathroom, but sit on it?  No.  Not for more than 2 seconds, not happily, and certainly not with her pants off.  Kind of defeats the point.  I suppose that’s what I get for being el-cheapo and getting a $7 potty at Kmart; a potty that doesn’t even remotely resemble a big potty.

children's potty

The awesome potty

Insert the singing, talking, encouraging, looks-like-a-mini-version-of-a-real-toilet, Fisher Price My Potty Friend.  Hannah and I went to my friend Ashley’s house one day and she had one of these awesome potty’s.  The minute Hannah saw it, she pulled down her pants, took off her nappy and sat on that potty like it was the best thing she’d ever seen in her entire life (even though we were about to have a dinner party, something that usually requires pants).  The whole time we were there, Hannah didn’t want to wear pants.  She ran around bare-bottomed, alternatively playing and sitting on that potty.  I have got to get one of those!

Ashley told me the potty cost $25.  Awesome, to get Hannah sitting on the potty, 25 bucks was pure bargain.

But then we got back here (Australia for those who are new to this blog).  I went in search of the awesome potty a couple days after arriving home.  Gotta get her potty trained before Baby Brother arrives.  2 lots of pooey nappies to change every day??  NO THANKS.  That means I have just under 4 months to get this whole potty training thing happening.  Sigh.  Seems hard….

Anyway, I went to the shops.  I told Hannah we were going to find her a new potty just like Aiden’s.  She was all excited.  “New potty!  Mommy buy Hannah new potty!”  She kept saying, not wanting me to dilly-dally in any other section of the store.  Sigh.  Straight to the potties.

And there it was.  There was that awesome, Hannah-actually-wants-to-pull-down-her-pants-and-sit-on-it, hopefully-will-help-her-get-potty-trained, Fisher Price potty.  I looked at the price.  $65.  Excuse me?  I double checked.  Read the fine print under the price to make sure it was actually the potty that was that ridiculously priced.  It was.  Humph.  I’m sorry, but I wasn’t going to buy a potty that was $25 in the U.S. for $65 here, especially since the exchange rate is actually in our favour right now.  No. Thank. You. Not without at least trying to get it cheaper first….

Fisher-Price Cheer for Me! Potty

Note to self: Don’t tell Hannah you’re going to get something if you’re not 100% sure you will have it when you walk out of the store.  She remembers.  She knows.  She’s not fooled.  She was so disappointed. Poor baby.

I went on ebay.  Score!  There it was, that singing potty that Hannah loves so much.  0 bids, starting price $.99.  I bid (obviously).  6 days to go.  Ugh…  I hate waiting!  By the last day, the price had gone up to 25 bucks.  I increased my maximum bid to 30.  And waited…  Maybe if I stare at the computer I will win?  I won that awesome potty for 26 bucks!  Hallelujah!  Sure beats $65.  Yeah, it was used, but  nothing a little disinfectant (eww, someone other than my child has probably pooped in that potty.  Ew, ew, ew!) can’t fix.

I got the potty the very next day.  Hannah wanted to sit on it the moment she got up.  She put the lid up and down.  She flushed it a million times (it doesn’t actually flush, it just sounds like it does).  She sat on it.  She LOVES it!  She even pulled down her pants to sit on it.  Best $26 spent ever.

Now I actually have to start the proper training.  Get out the big girl undies, be prepared for messy accidents, actually be home for an entire day (which we don’t like to do.  We like to go out, play with other kids, go to the shops, the playground, whatever), filter through all the unsolicited “advice” people throw at you when 1) you have a kid (or are pregnant, I think that is when all this “advice” starts…), and 2) people find out you are going to potty train.  Ignore all the annoying comments people make (“you’re potty training her already?” “Isn’t she potty trained yet?”).  Deep breath, this is going to be hard.

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5 Responses to “$65 for a potty??”

  1. LB(cruiseshipblogger) April 15, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    I guess they can’t all be like you. (Sheri just pulled off her diapers (nappies to you Aussies,) sat on her brother’s training potty (which was just a plastic potty, no bells or whistles) and started using it. Within a week she stayed dry all night. And she was only 1 at the time.

  2. JustTheirDad May 3, 2011 at 6:13 am #

    My wife found a potty to help train the kids. It’s nothing like your awesome potty, but it has a brilliant little feature. When the pee hits a couple contacts in the bottom, it triggers the potty to play a fun, celebratory fan-fare.

    It scared my son to death. He jumped off the potty so fast that he peed all over everything. To this day he sits on public potties that “flush by itself” with his ears plugged because he’s afraid of the noise it might make.


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    […] Me on the other hand?  I went on auto pilot, scooping her up as fast as I possibly could, de-underwearing her and plopping her down on her awesome singing potty. […]

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