The name change

20 Mar

I’ve decided to change my name.  Ok, not my name, but my blogs name.  I know, I know, it’s been Things and Stuff for 2 years now, ever since it started.  But let’s face it, I’m not going to get hits on my site with a name like that, because Things and Stuff could be any things and stuff, and that’s not going to show up when someone googles anything remotely associated with mommy blogs or mommy/baby/toddler issues.

Basically, I want more readers.  More readers = traffic to my site which 1) makes me smile/inflates my self-esteem because people like what I write/think I’m funny/are entertained by me/somehow manage to learn from me and of course, 2)make clicks to ads that I plan on putting here (non obtrusive, on the side type ads) more likely, and ad clicks earn me $$$.  Since I like to blog so much, being paid for it would be pretty darn nice. Sure, it won’t be much, but every time I get a check in the mail for 5 cents which took probably 100 clicks to earn, I will smile, knowing that my blog earned me that lovely 5 cents.  Go me.

But seriously, have no fear, my writing style/what I write about/frequency of writing/everything else is not going to change.  So stop fretting, stop pulling your hair out, losing sleep, eating excessively, and/or peeing too much due to nervousness over such changes.  Because yeah, I know my blog is what you think about all the time.  Hahahaha.  I’m so funny!

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