The evil baby gate

19 Mar

“Before I come, can you guys get some of those little plastic things that you put in plugs, and a baby gate for the top of the stairs.”  I told my parents a while before we came.  “Hannah likes to try to plug things in (and not necessarily things that should be plugged in), and she’s not used to stairs.”

“And here I thought the only thing we’d have to worry about is the dog trying to take food out of Hannah’s hands, and not so gently.  Why don’t you just teach that baby to go down stairs?”  My mom asked me.

“Well, we don’t really have any stairs for her to practice on.  I mean, we do, but there are only like four, and they are outside and she can reach the posts that are all close together, so she just holds on the them and walks down like a big girl.  You have lots of stairs with nothing for her to hold on to.”

“Just teach her when you get here.”  No, I want a baby gate gosh darn it!

“It’s not the intentional going down that I’m worried about, it’s the accidentally tripping while walking by the stairs, or the dog walking by her while she’s next to them and knocking her down the stairs that I’m worried about.  Seriously, she needs a baby gate!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you one.”  My dad said.  “I’ll get the plug things too.”

“Thanks Dad.”  Mom was still against the baby gate.  I think she thought I was paranoid.  Humph.  I can’t say that I wasn’t annoyed that Mom didn’t want to get the baby gate, and that she thought my fears and need for one was silly.  I’m telling you, a baby gate was a must have item before we got there!

The minute we arrived, Hannah wanted to go down the stairs.  Immediately, Mom started teaching her to go down on her bottom and belly.  She went up and down the stairs, again and again, over and over, a huge smile plastered across her cute little jet-lagged  face.

When dinner time rolled around, Hannah wasn’t hungry.  It was, after all, 1pm Sydney time.  Her belly didn’t think it was even remotely dinner time.  Needless to say, without her high chair to strap her into, she didn’t sit at the table with us.  We decided to put the baby gate up at the top of the stairs.  My worst nightmare at that moment was Hannah falling all the way down the stairs and hitting her precious little head on the hard wood floor at the bottom.  No, I didn’t want that to happen.  The baby gate went up.

Hannah climbing up the stairs

“NO GATE!!”  Hannah screamed.  She shook it.  Snot was pouring out of her nose.  Tears were rolling out of her eyes.  Her face turned bright red.  She became hysterical.  “NO GATE!  NO GATE!”  I’ve never seen her like that in her entire life.  She hadn’t slept since the flight and even then, it wasn’t for very long.  She was grumpy, tired, out of her time zone, out of her routine, surrounded by people she didn’t know, in a house she’d never been before.  She totally lost it.

“It’s okay sweetie, I’ll move the gate when we’re finished with dinner.  I don’t want you going down without Mommy in case you fall.  I’ll move it after dinner, I promise.”  The screaming didn’t stop.  She looked at me like I was sawing off her leg or something.  Like her life depended on me taking down that baby gate.  Sorry, but having a tantrum isn’t going to make me do what you want.

“Sorry sweetie, it’s going to stay up while we eat.”  I told her as she screamed hysterically.

“Awwww….how can you resist that face?”  My mom asked me.  “Come on, open the gate for her.”

“Nope, I’m not going to open it.”

“Hannah, maybe if you say please to Grandma Lois, she’ll open the gate for you.”  At least I wouldn’t be the one to give in to her.

Hannah was very, very weary of her grandparents, but this was for the stairs. “Peeeaaaasssse.”  She said with the cutest look she could muster on her still tomato red face with snot and tears all over it.

“Ok, I’ll open the gate for you.”  Grandma Lois opened the gate and Hannah immediately stopped the hysteria and went all the way down the stairs on her bottom.

We haven’t put the gate up since.  She’s become a pro going up and down them and is really careful when she is near the top of them.

Humph, I hate it when I’m wrong.  And, horror, I hate it even more when it’s one of my parents that is right over me.  Sigh, I’m such a stubborn little bugger.  Hopefully she can take it back and get a refund.  Otherwise, at least it was only about 20 bucks.

Oh, and those plug covers?  Haven’t used those yet either….

P.S. my blog is now on it’s own domain name:  If you go to it through the old address, you will automatically be redirected to the new address.  Just so you know.  And go me for having my very own website.  Kind of.  Booyah.

I don’t have any photos of the hysterical gate incident, so here are some I took this morning instead:

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8 Responses to “The evil baby gate”

  1. lifecoachabby March 19, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    That is hysterical. We went back and forth about getting gates and socket covers and ended up not getting either. Both of our boys have been fine without too.

  2. LB(cruiseshipblogger) March 20, 2011 at 3:12 am #

    Gotta watch out for the dog when Hannah has food though. Mom is right again!

  3. Fiona March 20, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    haha Sheri -sounds like one of Annie’s tantrums but worse. The one at Lollipops when Hannah tried to get itno the cubby with her was a good angry one, but not an upset one. I can see her getting to that point very soon though!

    They need to play again whe you get back – except if Hannah trains her to tantrum like that! haha

    So… was she weary of her grandparents of wary of them? I feel like the first was a little quick to get to that point!

    Miss you – I have no-one to call on those days when I need a Mummy/Mommy playdate within the hour! 😉

    • Sheri (Mommy Stuff Blogger) March 21, 2011 at 7:11 am #

      Don’t worry, Hannah doesn’t *usually *do those tantrums, that was the first time, and only because she was so so tired and out of sorts. They definitely need to play. The other day we were in the car going to my Grandparents house and Hannah had me talking “on the phone” to Annie and “O-na” for half an hour. She didn’t want to talk herself, but got a kick out of me talking to you guys for so long! I think she misses you!!! And I love having someone to call for a play date within the hour when Hannah is going stir crazy (or me) inside!!!

  4. carla April 24, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Funny post…We just bought our first baby gate for our youngest child, we’re having a lot of fun putting it together…maybe it will as much of an adventure… we’ll have to wait to see 🙂

  5. baby gates July 18, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Really awesome! Thanks for the laugh!

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