It’s a bird eat bird world

22 Nov

Nothing gets past Hannah.  She can hear the car coming in the driveway from the back room, begging Grandma to open the door so she can see Daddy.  She can see tiny raisins that blend in with the poo-brown shag carpet (embarrassing, I know) like they were flourescent homing beacons.  She notices things that the rest of us don’t.   And then she points them out.

Birdy in her nest

“Birdy!” she said one day, pointing to the tree in front of us.  Well, it kinda sounded like ‘beardy,’ but we knew what she meant.

Our eyes followed her cute little chubby finger to the tree, and there it was.  This wasn’t just a birdy in the tree, trying desperately not to be seen or heard, this was a birdy in the tree sitting on its nest, incubating its eggs, right next to our front porch, just above eye level.  I don’t know how Hannah saw it.  The rest of us didn’t notice it in the slightest.  It’s not like the bird was making noise, or even moving.  It was just sitting there, frozen in its petrified position, desperately wanting to fly away, but opting instead to remain like a statue to protect her eggs.

Every time we went outside, Hannah would get all excited, pointing and telling us “birdy! birdy!” wanting to see it.  Hannah loves the birdy in our tree.  At least she did.

One morning I heard a crashing sort of noise followed by lots of unhappy sounding birdy noises.  I really didn’t think anything of it (apart from what the heck are those crazy birds doing out there?) until later when Grandma told me the birdy was gone.  The nest was hanging off the tree, not even resembling a nest.  The eggs were nowhere to be seen.  Not broken on the ground.  not caught in the branches of the tree.  Vanished.

Later that morning, I saw the birdy back in the tree, looking sad, poking her beak at the remnants of her nest.  I know she is only a bird, but it was still really sad.  Especially after Grandma told me that some birds species around here actually steal other birds eggs, purposely breaking the nest so it’s unusable (as if stealing future babies isn’t bad enough, they have to destroy the birdy’s house too?).

The poor birdy perched on the power line above the tree most of the day, crying out to all birds within earshot.  I wanted to hug her, take her inside, and tell her it would be ok.  But, she is just a bird, and as a bird, certainly wouldn’t appreciate any of that.  We were really looking forward to watching her eggs hatch, witnessing her feed her young, seeing them fly for the first time.  It’s not every day that a bird makes her nest at your front door.  Even worse, now every time we go out the front, Hannah says “birdy” in a really sad way, wondering where birdy is, and why she left.

“She went to live with her Mommy.” We tell Hannah.  And then she plays, happy that Birdy is with her mommy.

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One Response to “It’s a bird eat bird world”

  1. YAYA Trish November 22, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    What a heartfelt, sad and engaging and well told story Sheri. Your blogs are excellent! I get soo excited when there’s a new one. They’re gettting better and better.

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