A conversation with Hannah

13 Oct

Hannah: “MOM!”

Me: “Yes baby?”

Hannah: “Bum.”

Me: “Um…ok then.”

Hannah: “Adubudubudbubba.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds interesting.”

Hannah: “Mum bum.”

Me (laughing, I can’t help it): “Oh, Mom is a bum?”

Hannah: “Dog Dog!”

Me: “Good girl, you heard a dog dog.  Do you like dog dogs?”

Hannah *nods head*: “mmmmm.”

Me: “Why do you like dog dogs?”

Hannah: “Yabbabudadadada aaaaaiiibdee.”

Me: “You’re so cute!”

Me: “OH GOODNESS!!!” Something warm was running down my bare stomach, trickling down my leg.  It took me a second to realise what had just happened.

Me: “She just peed on me!” I said to all the curious people looking at me, wondering about my little outburst.

Someone else: “Isn’t she wearing a swim nappy?”

Me: “Me, no, I took it off to dry her since it’s our turn next on the change table.”  I guess that’s what I get for prematurely taking off a baby’s nappy.

Me: “See you guys later, we’re going to have a shower….”

One Response to “A conversation with Hannah”

  1. Susie @newdaynewlesson October 25, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    LOL. We all have one of those stories. Glad it was you though.

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