Tru Energy, are you really that ridiculous?

17 Aug

When we moved here from Willoughby, I called our electricity company, Tru Energy, to disconnect our service.  “No worries,” they told me, someone would be out the Monday after we moved.  I was a bit confused when we got our final bill.  In the very same envelope was a credit.  Was the credit applied to the enclosed final bill, or did I need to sub tract it myself?  Hmmm…  Not only that, but this particular company gives you a discount if you pay by a certain date.  The credit also showed a discount if paid by that date.  So if they paid me by the due date would I get more?  Not to mention the “discount” is supposed to be 3% and with the credit, the amount was much more than 3%.  What????

I did the only thing I could.  I called them.  I was on hold for about 15 minutes.  Argh.

“We’ll send you out a new final bill, we’ll apply the credit to the bill and there will only be one amount to pay.  We’ll extend the due date so you have time to get the new bill.”

Sounded ok to me.

The next week, a crisp white envelope bearing the Tru Energy logo came in the mail.  Awesome, I could finally pay the final bill, and not have to worry about it ever again.  I opened the envelope.  Where was the bill?  No, there was no bill.  Instead, the envelope contained a threatening letter.  Our payment was overdue  and they were threatening to send us to a debt collector.  Sigh, another phone call.

“I’ll put a note in the system, get the final bill sent out, and we will not send you to the debt collectors.”

I had to trust them, there was no other choice.  A short while later the bill came, I paid it, case closed.

Only it wasn’t.  A couple of months later, I got another bill in the mail.  This bill from for electricity usage from April and beyond.  Um…did the words “final bill” on my last bill mean nothing?  A deeper sigh.  Another phone call.  They must have so many unhappy customers, the hold time was getting longer (which of course made me more aggravated/annoyed).

“Oh, I can see here that you arranged to have someone come and disconnect the electricity on the 20th of April.  It seems no one disconnected it.  We’ll investigate the matter and send you a final bill if there is any more to pay.”

“I already paid my final bill.”

“We’ll have to investigate the matter, your final bill could have been incorrect.”

“That’s not my fault.”

“But if you used the electricity you will have to pay for it.”

I think I’m going to scream….

“I’ll extend the payment date until the end of August so there is time for the investigation and we’ll go from there.”

“Last time you extended the payment date I received a threatening letter.”

“That won’t happen again Ma’am.”

Skeptical inaudible sigh

“You also won’t get anymore bills until we sort this out.”

They annoy me every time I talk to them.  They have no idea what’s going on, who does what, etc.

Yesterday, I got another crisp white envelope bearing the highly annoying Tru Energy logo.  With an annoyed sigh, I opened the envelope.  Another bill.  This one is for June and beyond.  ARE THEY SERIOUS??????????  Oh, and not only that, but there was also a nice bold red section stating that the last payment is now over due and has been added to this statement.  Deep breath, calm down, time to call the ugly obnoxious ridiculous electricity company yet again.


P.S. I’m currently going through all of my old posts to add tags and make them readable (the text was white in the beginning when I used blogspot, so you can’t actually read a lot of my old posts at the moment), so I apologise to those of you who get my posts via google reader since all of my editing is showing up there.  Bear with me, and don’t freak out when you read a pregnancy blog.  It is old, I am NOT pregnant again.

Quite possibly the worst energy company ever

One Response to “Tru Energy, are you really that ridiculous?”

  1. May August 18, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    Sheri, you should tell them that you are going to contact ACCC – Australia Competition and Consumers Commission and lodge a complaint because they are using scare tactics with sending out all of those debt collector letters and they are not allowed to do this especially when you have been communicative, cooperative, patient and they even sent you a bill with ‘final bill’ written on it.

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