8 Jul

I think I often underestimate just how much Hannah actually knows/comprehends.  She is always surprising us with her knowledge.  We happen to say banana – out comes the little pudgy Hannah hand, pointing reaching as far as she possibly can in the direction of the bananas.  We can ask her where Pony (her my little pony that is) is and she will look around and rummage through her things until she finds Pony and brings it back to us.  Where’s duck?  “DUCK!” she will exclaim, and go on the hunt, finding, then excitedly bringing duck back to us.  I can’t say the name of any fruit while she is eating her dinner or she will refuse to eat her dinner, and instead strain towards said fruit.

This afternoon though, she thoroughly surprised me.   “Do you want to go for a little walk?” I asked Hannah.  I was talking about opening the gate that divides the playpen from the rest of the house, and going for a little wander around the house for a while.  Hannah, on the other hand, went straight over to the pram, grabbed it with one hand, and look at me in delight. “No Hannah, I meant, walk around the house.”  She wouldn’t let go of the pram.  I tried to picked her up and moved her to the open gate, hoping she would want to walk around the inside of the house (it was raining outside, I didn’t really want to take her for a walk in the rain).  Nope, she went straight back to the pram, grabbed a hold of it and looked at me expectantly.  I put her in the pram, grabbed the raincover (for the pram), and my umbrella, and off we went.  I did ask her, after all, if she wanted to go for a little walk.  I guess she knows that when she wants to walk around the house, I ask her if she wants to “go exploring.”  She is so smart.

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