6 Jul


When I woke up yesterday, Daddy told me it was my birthday.  I’m not sure what a birthday is,  but Daddy was pretty excited, so I got excited too.  Wow,  everyone was awake and waiting for me when Daddy brought me to my playroom.  They were all happy and excited just like Daddy was.  Aunt Jess came out with this really big shell (I’ve never seen a really big blue shell before, I wonder what beach it came from?) and put it on the ground and put lots of balls in it for me.  Wow, I got my very own ball pit!  I didn’t want to get out, but sometimes the balls would fall out when I kicked my feet.  I would have gone out to get them, but Mommy and Daddy put them back in for me.  Balls go in the giant shell, they can’t be outside the shell.

I must have been a really good girl because Mommy and Daddy kept bringing me new toys!  They were all wrapped up for some reason and they kept trying to get me to tear the paper off of the toy boxes.  Why didn’t they just give me the toys?  Oh well, it was kind of fun anyway, but Mommy and Daddy had to help me a lot.  I didn’t even have to get out of my ball pit to get my new toys, everyone brought them to me!  I got so much stuff I didn’t know what to play with.

When I woke up from my nap (I was so tired after all the playing!!!), Mommy and Grandma and Ya-ya (I can say Ya-ya!) took me to Lollipops to play with Violet.  I like playing with Violet.  Mommy tried to put me in the ball pit, but why would I want to play in the ball pit when I have my own at home?  No, I wanted one of the balloons that I saw next to all the bubbles.  Where did they come from?  All the bubbles just kept coming and coming and no one was blowing them.  I don’t know why, but I couldn’t grab one.   I tried to tell Mommy I wanted a balloon.  I kept pointing and making noises towards them, but Mommy kept telling me to eat my lunch.  But Mommy, what about the balloons?  Finally, Mommy figured out what I was talking about and got me a balloon.  She said it was ridiculous that they cost two-fifty, but that she loves me and was my birthday, and I’m so cute, so how could she not buy me one.  There’s that birthday thing again.  I think I like my birthday.  It seems to get me stuff.

I ran around the whole building and showed my pink balloon to everyone.  I really like my balloon!  Thanks Mommy!  Mommy even took me on the teacups ride.  It was so fun!  I got to sit in Mommy’s lap and we went around and around and around.  I want to do it again!  I found a slide when I was walking around with my pink balloon.  Mommy took me on the slide which was really fun.  I don’t know how Mommy climbs up the slide, because I tried to get to the top so I could go down again, but I couldn’t.  How do you do that Mommy?  I even found a play kitchen.  I’m pretty sure that the balls from the ball pit go in the fridge.  That’s where I put them anyway.  Violet played in the kitchen with me.  Oh yeah, and I got a duck painted on my face!  I told the lady “DUCK!” while she did it.

But then someone stole my balloon.  Mommy didn’t know what to do because she said the other babies Mommy knew the balloon was mine but let her have it anyway.  We didn’t know how to get my balloon back.  I think maybe balloons can fly because my balloon somehow got over the fence into the teacup ride.  The other baby trying to get it and her mommy got someone to go in there and get it for her.  Grandma wasn’t about to let someone steal my balloon though.  Grandma went right over there, held her hands out and said “that’s our balloon,” and the lady who worked there gave my balloon back to Grandma.  Thanks Grandma!  I really like my balloon!  Then we left.  Thank you Violet for coming to play with me!

When Daddy got home, I got even more toys!  I can’t remember ever getting so many toys in one day before.  I even got to eat some cake.  Well, I didn’t really eat that much of it, I ate a whole mandarin after dinner, so I wasn’t very hungry.  I really like fruit.

I’m still not sure what birthday means.  I mean I know what day means, but what is birth?  I hope I have another one soon though, I liked getting lots of toys! I even got my own little me sized couch!  It’s so much better than Mommy and Daddy’s couch.  Mine is pink and it has stars on it.  Mommy really likes stars, so I do too.  Maybe I’ll have another birthday tomorrow.


I used to go on all sorts of rides when I was younger.  I loved the zipper, the gravitron, pretty much anything that spins you around and is a bit wild.  The teacup ride at Lollipops made me dizzy.  Oh dear, I must be getting old.

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