ARRRR Pirate Party!!!

4 Jul

Hannah on the ride on thingy

Pirate ship cake

Pirate on the cake (also doubles as candle)

Every pirate ship has to have some booty/loot/treasure

Daddy and Hannah as PIRATES!!! Too bad Hannah wouldn’t keep her pirate hat on

Mommy wench and Hannah – it was hard to paint on her pirate facial hair when she was trying to eat the brush as I put it on

Some of the Mums and Bubs

Hannah’s first time eating cake! Oh was it messy!


Arrrr Mateys!!!!!!  Today was the great pirate party, celebrating the birth of 8 (well 7, one is in Iran at the moment…) piratey babies.  Hannah had a wonderful time catching up with her friends, eating cake for the very first time (although the cake I made had only a tablespoon of sugar for the entire cake.  The frosting is another story…), playing “Pass the Parcel” for the very first time, and of course, opening her present.  Connor (her baby friend, or as some might say, her baby boyfriend) had a ride on thingy (I really don’t know what they are called) that Hannah decided she wanted to play with nearly the entire time we were there, doing laps of the living and dining rooms, running down anything in her path.  This of course, prompted me to immediately go out and purchase one of these contraptions for her for her birthday tomorrow.  I made Aaron’s costume from op shop (thrift store) clothing, and Hannah’s from op shop and K-mart clothing.  I went as a pirate wench, the only wench at the party.  My costume came directly from The Jess’ closet.  Why The Jess has a wench outfit, complete with corset, is beyond me, but I’m certainly not complaining.  I don’t know how women back in the day did any sort of, well, anything really, while wearing a corset.  Every time I bent over, the darn thing would poke me right in the chest, and it’s not like it’s a soft sort of cuddly garment.  The thing is a monster!  When I put Hannah on my hip whilst wearing the torture device, it was rather uncomfortable.  Painful even, if I held her long enough.  Old time women, how did you do it?  needless to say, the corset (along with the boots, as they had heels and I despise heels) came off after about 10 minutes.  Here are some photos of the party and cake.  I have to say, I think my pirate ship cake turned out quite nicely (yes, I made it).

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