Salmon patties?

2 Jul

Grandma: “I’m going to make some Salmon patties for when Trish comes.”
Me: “Oh, what’s in them? I bet Hannah could eat some.”
Grandma: “Mostly just potatoes and tuna.”
Me: “Tuna? So um… is there any salmon in the “salmon” patties?”
Grandma: “No.”
Grandma doesn’t know it, but she is a comedian.

On another note, I figured out how to get a photo of Hannah that doesn’t consist of her running towards me with her arms out in hopes of stealing the camera. I just sit her down with a container of raisins. Next time I’ll get out the digital SLR instead of the little hand held. Maybe I’ll even get out the light tent, and dress her up. Oh the possibilities…..

P.S. Hannah loves eating lemons. As in scoop out the innards, and feed them straight to her. No “Oh Mommy, this is so sour, why are you giving this to me!” face, just happiness that she gets to eat lemons. Still can’t find a fruit she doesn’t like. Maybe I should try durian.

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