The Ringlet

7 Apr

Time since birth: 9 months Yeah, I didn’t write last week. We’re moving next week, and I’ve been flat out packing, organising, etc. Not to mention it takes twice the time to pack when you have to clean every single thing you pack to make sure that no mold/mildew comes with us. Dirty, dirty apartment (I won’t miss you). I don’t really have time to write proper stories and things this time either, so I’m just going to tell a little of what’s been happening: Hannah figured out a few weeks ago how to pick up very small objects and accurately get them into her mouth (she could pick them up for a while, but getting them in her mouth when the little object was in her fist rather then between her fingers was proving difficult for her), which is good when she is feeding herself peas and corn (both of which she loves, and loves to feed herself), but very bad when she’s attempting to feed herself dust bunnies, and random bits of who knows what that she finds anywhere and everywhere. Who knew there could be so many tiny pieces of string all over the floor? Where do they come from? Even after I just vacuum, she finds things. I’m sure she’s eaten her fair share of random stuff, I often see her chewing but can’t pry her little mouth open to remove whatever it is she had before she swallows it. Or maybe she didn’t actually get anything into her mouth but thinks she did, so she makes chewing motions. Or maybe she is punking me. Hannah’s fourth tooth is now free of her gums (much to her delight), and she now enjoys biting even more then she used to. Especially Daddy’s nose. She has been biting Daddy’s nose since the day she was born (there is photographic evidence of this), but now she does it and then gives a cheeky little “ha ha Daddy, I got you!” grin when she’s done. Often she will crawl over to me for cuddles and then bite my shoulder. Or try to eat my hair. She goes in for the cuddle, then when she pulls back again, she has a mouth full of my hair and a very accomplished look on her face. I bought Hannah her first little pair of shoes. It’s getting cold and she refuses to keep socks on (or if she does, she eats them while they are on, so then they are all wet and I’m sure her feet are then colder then they would have been without any socks at all). I know it’s crazy to pay $50 for a pair of baby shoes, but that is exactly what I did. They had cheaper ones, but wouldn’t you know it, she got my wide duck feet and couldn’t fit in any of the cheaper ones. She also had to have the T-bar style ones as her also fat feet stuck out of the other ones too much (again, just like me when I was a baby. I’ve heard stories about my fat little feet not fitting into the baby shoes. Plus I looked like I ate other babies for breakfast). The T-bar ones only came in gold, so now she has bling feet. On the plus side, she can now wear socks and she can’t get them off because there are shoes over them. Booyah. Oh, and she can stand by herself for up to 10 seconds at a time. When she realises, she can’t stand anymore. I took some photos of Hannah’s ringlet. Yes, just the one. Well, I guess there could be more, but all of her long hair just goes into one giant ringlet down the middle of her head. It kinda looks like a ringlet mohawk. Anyway, I put some photos of it in this post for viewing pleasure. She sure doesn’t get that from my side of the family (if you’ve seen photos of me, my mom, or my dad with curls, it’s only because at some point in our lives, we have all had perms. Yes, even my Dad (haha, your secret is out!). If only I had those photos…). Ok, so I didn’t mean to write so much, but, stuff happens.

Might not hear from me next week, still so much packing and stuff to do!! At least I won’t be also running around getting the car inspected for rego (um…that is short for “registration” for you non Aussie’s), finding the cheapest CTP greenslip (Compulsory Third Party insurance that you must have before you can actually register or renew your car’s registration), and transfer of title papers. On an annoying note, you’d think that “comprehensive” car insurance would cover everything, right? Well, not here. Here, you have to have your CTP greenslip, which ONLY covers you for third party injury liability, then if you want any other kind of insurance, that is separate. “Comprehensive” does not include compulsory third party liability insurance. Highway robbery? I think so. And how much does a CTP greenslip cost (I know you are wondering)? Well, for us and our car, it’s $639 for a year. How much does comprehensive cost on top of that (if we want it)? Another $600 something dollars. How much does third party property damage (like if we hit another car and their car was damaged) cost? $100 something. How can they call it “comprehensive” when clearly, it’s not. RUDE!!! Ok, going now, really, I am.

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