17 Mar

“What’s that?” I would ask my Mom Mom, but I’m little, I can’t talk yet. I watched it move around and bobb it’s silly little head up and down as it walked. I wonder why it does that? I don’t do that when Mom Mom helps me walk. It doesn’t seem to have any arms. I think I’ll follow it and see what it does.
“Hannah, you are so cute, are you chasing the birdies?” Mom Mom said
Oh, so it’s a birdy. I thought birdies flew. I haven’t seen one walking around though, what a silly birdy. I wonder why it’s walking in big circles instead of flying. I’ll crawl faster and try to catch it so I can ask it. I wonder if it speaks Bubba? Birdy walks too fast for me, I can’t catch it! Mom Mom is laughing. I guess she thinks the birdy and it’s bobbing head is funny too. What’s that?
“No Hannah, you can’t eat leaves, you already tried that remember.” Oh yeah. Oh, I forgot, I was chasing the birdy. Oh, he can fly! I don’t think I can fly. No, I definitely can’t fly. I guess he’ll get away from me.

Other stuff this week:
Hannah enjoyed her first jumping castle and face painting experience yesterday. She actually stayed relatively still while getting her face painted. So cute! Daddy held her on the edge of the jumping castle and bounced her up and down. She loves bouncing! We couldn’t let her crawl around inside as the bigger kids would have unintentionally trampled all over her. Guess she’ll have to wait until she’s bigger. There were colourful animal balloons that she kept trying to swan dive out of our arms to grab off other kids.

The countdown is on until moving day. Next month! Can’t wait….

There was something else I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe I’ll remember next week.

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