And then she spoke

5 Jan

Time since birth: 6 months

“What did you say?” Surely I was hearing things. Maybe she babbled something that kind of sounded like Bubba and then my brain deciphered it as “Bubba” without me even realising.
Wow, she really did say it. “Boo, Bubba just said Bubba!!!!” I was so excited. It was so cute. I never thought she could get cuter then she already is, but I was very wrong. Her cute little face speaking cute little words makes her way cuter.
Everyone’s heads were bowed, some people folded their hands (I am a hand folder, it just doesn’t seem right if I do it without folding my hands), the church was silent apart from a member of the congregation who was up front, praying into the microphone.
“BUBBA BUBBA BUBBA BUBBA!!!!!!” Apparently Bubba wanted everyone to know that she can now say her nickname. We laughed. It was a good way to end her very last time staying in church with Mommy and Daddy. Next week she is going to creche for the very first time.

Aaron had last week off work, so we decided to have a nice day out. We were going to visit the aquarium, as I haven’t seen it, and thought that Bubba might like it. Aaron looked up prices on the internet and found it was $30-something each. Ok, we’re too cheap to pay that. We will go when Hannah is older and can actually appreciate it (yes, I’m cheap). I swear when my parents were here it didn’t cost near that much to go there.
Instead, we opted for miniature golf. We thought Hannah would like watching the ball be putted around the course, but she was a bit bored. Maybe it was just the ridiculous humidity of the day that was making her cranky. It was making all of us uncomfortable and sticky.

Hannah had her very first shopping trolley (cart for you yanks) ride today. Since she sits up now, she would be able to sit in the baby seat in the trolley. I put her in and fastened the belt. She grabbed the front of the trolley, kicked her little chubby legs joyfully, and had a good look around. She absolutely loved it!! I was wondering how I would do the shopping on my own now that she is getting so heavy. I used to either wear her in the baby bjorn, or have her in the pram (stroller for the yanks) with someone (Aaron, Grandma, or The Jess) pushing her while I pushed the shopping trolley.

I think we’re going to need a playpen in the very near future. Hannah can now put herself in the proper crawling position, with her knees on the floor, her arms straight, and her back flat. She gets herself all flustered and cranky because she can’t quite figure out what to do next. She has mastered going backwards, but the elusive forward steps are still evading her. She did sort of inchworm herself a little forward the other day, and looked very pleased with herself. It’s only a matter of time until our little baby is properly mobile. Lucky our lease runs out in April so we can get a place that is a bit more baby friendly. In other words, isn’t the size of a sardine can so the play area isn’t in the same space as the folded up home weights bench, the wall of awesome (board game shelves), and the tv entertainment unit. Lots of stuff for tiny hands to grab, ruin, put in her mouth, hurt herself with, etc.

Aaron made a video of Hannah:

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