5 year anniversary :)

7 Dec

If a baby vomits after trying a new food, it could have an intolerance. How do you know if your baby is vomiting vomiting, or just spitting up vomiting? It’s like going into labour, you just know.

I was so excited to go out for our anniversary without Bubba. I even fed her early so I could get a move on. At 6:45 I was done feeding her, she was all sleepy eyed, and just needed a burp before I put her down. I put her over my shoulder and started patting. Nothing. I kept patting. She made a funny coughing noise that I haven’t heard before, so I looked at her. And that is when it happened. Vomit was everywhere. It somehow made it’s way around my entire arm. Not just the top , not just the bottom, all the way around. It was all over my shirt, all over my pants (which were my nice make my butt look nice jeans that I was planning to wear on my anniversary date), all over the floor, all over the magazine I was reading while feeding her, all over her wondersuit, all over her sleeping bag, all over my still exposed boob. How do you know if your baby is vomiting vomiting. Oh my goodness, you will know! But then there is the question of why. Is it food intolerance, sickness, fluke, who really knows?? I had to change Hannah, clean the floor, re feed her (she threw up her entire dinner, boob, and the carrot and zucchini she had at 5:30), wash myself. So much for my early exit.

What was I going to wear now? I had a nice outfit planned out, I wasn’t wearing the shirt at the time (as I was sure I’d get milk on it if I fed her in it), but the pants were now inoperable. I tried the shirt with the only other pair of jeans I can fit in (I only have 3 pairs, and the last pair is the best, but was always tight before I got pregnant, so I can’t even do them up now). Ugh, it looked terrible. Ok, plan b. But what is plan B? I looked in the closet. I got out the red dress that The Jess gave me and I haven’t worn before. I tried it on. Oh dear, it showed every unwanted curve, underwear line, and belly pooch. Hmmm…. What to wear…. Then I remembered the “California Beauty Slim Lift Body shaping Undergarment” that my mother in law gave me while I was still pregnant. “You will love this after you have the baby.” She said. I laughed at such a notion. Surely by the time I was going to go somewhere where I wanted to look nice and non flabby, I would actually look nice and non flabby. Before having Hannah, I was a size 8 and 48-50 kgs, so such a thing was quite foreign to me. I happily found the fat flattener (which I will now refer to it as) and put it on. Nice, it really works. I can’t say that I’ve ever worn an undergarment that went from the middle of my thighs all the way to my boobs, but hey, I wasn’t complaining. The only shoes (apart from heels, and I despise wearing heels and feel whoever invented them needs a swift kick in the butt) I have that go with the dress are shoes I bought and wore whilst pregnant when my normal shoes got too small for my swollen fat feet. Oh well, they’d have to do.

I shut the car door when I got out at Artarmon station and nearly screamed. Right there, on the door, was a very large, ugly spider, staring right at me (at least I felt like it was). It wasn’t a huntsmen, so who knows what kind of poisonous freak spider it was. I quickly sauntered away. Going up the stairs at the station, I could feel my feet slipping around in my fat shoes. Darn those fat pregnant feet that stretched the life out of my shoes! I somehow tripped up the stairs and landed on my knees. Everyone looked at me. Yup, I felt really cool at that point. I’m sure my fat flattener was now showing as well. The night did not get off to a great start.

I met up with Aaron at Town Hall and we walked to the Japanese restaurant we planned to eat at. This particular place does yum cha but with Japanese food. And I love all the little dumplings and yum cha-ey stuff. Closed until mid December. Ok, well I guess we can’t eat there. Next door was Seoul Ria. I’d never had Korean food before, so we decided to give it a go. When we got in, Aaron realised that he had been there with his old work before, and it was really good. We ordered a big sizzle pot thing (can’t remember what they are actually called) where they bring all the food to your table and cook it right there. I really wanted a cocktail since I hadn’t had an alcoholic beverage in over a year, but, they didn’t do cocktails. Humph. They did have a Korean raspberry wine though. I don’t usually drink wine, but I like raspberries, so we ordered a bottle anyway. It was good as far as wine goes. I just sipped it throughout the meal, and drank the equivalent of about 1.5 standard drinks. I think the combination of me being a lightweight anyway, and not having a drink for so long really made a difference. I was tipsy off 1.5 standard drinks (much to Aaron’s amusement).

After dinner, we headed one street over to a cafe Aaron found on the net that also has boardgames. You order desert, and also a board game to play while you sit there. Who ever thought of that deserves a medal. Brilliant idea. I’m sure we probably already own every single board game they offer, but it’s the fun novelty factor that entices me. Unfortunately, they were also closed. I guess we will have to go some other time. Instead, we headed to baskin Robbins where I indulged in some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It’s about time the peanut butter ice cream hit Australia!!!! Despite the hiccups, we had a really good night, and I can’t wait to go out again sometime.

Other things that happened this week: Hannah started trying to crawl. When she is on her tummy, she puts her knees under herself. Not long now I’m afraid. Better get a playpen. She also rolled from her tummy to her back a couple of times, but doesn’t do it regularly like she does back to front. We had a Christmas party with our antenatal class (the girls I meet up with every week). Hannah helped open her present and got some really cute outfits from her boyfriend. She sucked on his arm for a while too, cheeky monkey. I think Aaron and I will have to teach Hannah about sharing, she keeps stealing toys from all the other babies. The party was on a hot day, so we went for a swim for half an hour or so and Hannah absolutely loved it. I got the Christmas stuff out to put up but then couldn’t find the tree, so I had to buy a new one. Lucky I’m the queen of bargains and picked up a 6 foot tree for $20. Score!

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  1. Dyanti May 26, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    – What a great session to start out your hoaildy season! He is such a cutie and the whole family is gorgeous! I absolutely adore the 3rd one and the 2nd and 4th ah, heck! I love them all! Good job! jenny mcmasters

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