I finally cracked

29 Nov

“I’m going to go look at her” Aaron said.
“What?” I asked.
“Don’t you ever just like to look at her?”
“Yeah, I do it all the time.”
Aaron came back down to the laundry room where I was washing nappies. “You have to see this, she’s so cute!”
Not quite knowing what to expect, we went in her room. I peered in the cot, and there she was, on the very edge, halfway up, one arm through the bar and touching the wall, sleeping on her belly.
“Is she breathing?” I half freaked out, it didn’t look like a normal Bubba sleeping position.
Aaron put his finger near her nostril “I’m pretty sure I can feel it.”
That wasn’t good enough for me. I gently put my hand on her back. “Yeah, I can feel her breathing.” Phew. And maybe this means she won’t wake up every time she rolls on her tummy. Houston, we may have success!

1am- She’s on her belly again and screams for a feed
2am – “waaaa!!” The belly sleeping success is clearly not going very well. She’s not happy, she’s on her belly again. I go and turn her over and calm her down. Slightly losing my marbles.
3am – Oh my goodness, she wants me to turn her over again. Bag of marbles getting smaller.
5am – She is sick of sleeping on her belly again and cries for me to turn her over. More marbles leaking out of my bag….
6am – Dear Lord, I think I’m going to lose it. You know you are about to lose it when you dreamt about someone asking someone else how to do a moustache comb-over (um…what is wrong with my brain?) and then are awakened for the 5th time by a screaming baby that doesn’t know how to polley rolley (but can rolley polley).
I feel like Taz, the Tasmanian Devil. I wish I could just spin around in a cloud of destruction whilst shouting expletives, because at this point, that is what I really feel like doing. Instead, I gather my marbles back up, take a deep breath, and go turn over and calm said screaming baby. I’m so tired and frustrated and know that somehow, I’m going to crack. Rather then indulging in my Taz fantasy, I sat there, patting Hannah, trying to get her back to sleep, and I cry. I don’t usually cry, but when you’ve been up 5 times in one night (and she was never even up that much when she was a newborn), and are having crazy dreams about moustache comb-overs, something’s gotta give. I’ve finally cracked it. I decide right now that later today, I’m going to march down to the shops (ok, drive) and buy a rolley polley preventer (not actual name). The baby nurse said those can help (or the baby can figure out how to roll over it, but even if it gets me once peaceful nights sleep, it will be so worth it), or there are special sheets you can get that velcro baby in. Now in my head, that means baby wears a velcro suit, and then is plastered to the bed much like one of those game shows on tv where they don helmets, and velcro suits, jump on a trampoline, then get stuck to a velcro wall. Instead they are sheets with flaps etc. so you sort of harness baby in. I think my version would work better. I go to bed feeling only slightly better, but still like my bag of marbles is only half full. Luckily Hannah gives me another hour of sleep and when I wake up, I have regained most of my marbles. I can’t wait to get my rolley polley preventer. Fingers crossed it actually works.

As soon as I got home with the rolley polley preventer, I fed Hannah and put her to sleep. Oh my goodness, she put herself to sleep, no patting needed, and slept for an hour and a half. I think I like the rolley polley preventer. She woke up twice that night (would have been once, but I was too lazy to dreamfeed her and she didn’t appreciate it). The next night she only woke up once. Unfortunately it was down hill after that. She keeps waking 3 times a night, trying and trying to roll over in her rolley polley preventer (actually called a sleep positioner), and getting upset that she can’t. So basically, she gets upset if she doesn’t sleep in it because she wakes up on her belly and wants to be rolled over (and calmed down after waking up with such a shock at being on her tummy), or, she can sleep in the rolley polley preventer and then wake up cranky because she can’t roll over. I can’t win. I just hope this stage doesn’t last long, I really enjoy sleep!

“Boo!” Aaron yelled from the bedroom.
“Yes Boo” I said (yes we are weird and we both claim the other one is Boo).
“Can you get me a cloth?”
“Ok.” I brought it in. Hannah was over Aaron’s legs playing Airplane Bubba. She looked at me and gave me the cheekiest grin I’ve ever seen. I looked at Aaron. His lips were pursed shut and he had an “I can’t believe you just did that” look on his face. Something white was all over his face. I laughed my head off and Hannah laughed too. She thought it was hilarious that she threw up right on Daddy’s face.

Since starting solids, Hannah has had really sticky, messy, smelly poos (instead of quite runny, mustardy ones). This morning she had a nugget. I don’t know if babies are supposed to do nuggets, but there it was, all nuggety in her nappy. Maybe she is a little constipated? She didn’t have a lot of poo yesterday either. Hmmm…How do you know if they are constipated? Do I just get some prune juice anyway, and mix it with her rice cereal, or do I assume all is fine since there was a bit of poo (just not her usual volume or consistency)? Maybe I worry too much.

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