Exposed, butt cream, and baldness

26 Oct

I looked at the drain. Hair was everywhere. I put the conditioner in my hair and ran my fingers through it. My hands were full of hair that was no longer attached to my head. If you look at the bathroom sink, you will see my hair everywhere. It’s also all over the floor, and I keep finding it in Hannah’s hands and on her clothes. I seem to be molting. I would be really really worried except that I read that about 3 or so months after giving birth you start losing all the extra hair you grew while
you were pregnant. It’s quite unfortunate for me as I didn’t have very much to begin with. I really don’t think I grew any extra while I was pregnant either, so may
be I am just going bald?

Riding the bus home one day, I sat in the wheelchair/pram section. Not because I had the pram (sorry, stroller for you americans), but because there were no other seats. Hannah was snug in the baby bjorn (baby carrier thing that allows you to wear your baby). I pressed the button to let the driver know to stop at the next bus stop. I waited until the bus came to a complete stop and then I stood up. The chair decided to come to life and folded itself up as I stood. Usually you have to manually fold
them up and down. I quickly got off the bus, not daring to look back to see if all the other passenger
s did indeed see my buttocks that was exposed when the rogue seat went up, taking my dress with it. I’m sure they did see the granny panties I wore that day (because all the better ones were in the wash) my bottom hanging out the sides, stretch marks and cellulite fully on display. I still wonder how my butt got stretch marks shortly before I gave birth, but not even a tiny stretch mark decided to make residence on my belly.

“Time for a nappy change Sweet Pea.” I laid her down on the change mat and pulled up her dress. I undid her nappy to find a mustard coloured poo. I cleaned her up and put a fresh nappy under her bottom. She loves to kick on her mat sans fastened nappy. “Would you like some butt cream?” I asked her. “hahahahahahahahahhaa!!!” She giggled. Apparently she thinks butt cream is hilarious. She must have mommy’s sense of humour. “would you like some butt cream?” I asked her again. “hahahahah!” She was on a roll. She had never cracked up before. Sometimes she gives little singular or double giggles, but never a crack up. I asked her a few more times and got lots more giggles. I think she indeed did want some butt cream (my words for nappy rash cream, or whatever it is actually called).

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