Stubborn linea nigra

16 Aug

Time since birth: 6 weeks
Weight loss this week: Forgot to weigh myself this morning, can’t be bothered to right now
Total weight loss: see above….

I would have thought that by 6 weeks my linea nigera (or whatever it is called, that line that goes down the middle of my stomach) would have disappeared, or at least started fading. It is still there, loud and proud. My lochia has pretty much stopped now (about time!!!), which I’m extremely happy about.

I was brushing my hair the other night, and couldn’t get the brush through a bit in the front. On closer examination, I found there was something white that had dried in my hair. Baby vomit…. I have no idea how long it had been there (well, I mean it was that day sometime). I guess you know you’re a mom when you find baby vomit in random places.

Speaking of baby vomit, sometimes Hannah vomits (well, spits up) quite a bit. Then I think “is she sick, does she have reflux, is this normal???” Some of the girls (from my antenatal class, we get together every week) were wondering the same thing, so they asked about it at their mothers group. They were told that if the baby isn’t upset after spitting up, then it’s not a problem, they either drank too much, or it came up with a burp or something. Phew, she doesn’t get upset when she does it, so everything is a-ok.

For some reason, Hannah likes to take her morning naps on me (or Aaron on the weekend). I try to put her in her cot a few times but each time she cries, then it gets to the point where if I don’t let her sleep on me, she is not going to get enough sleep, and considering she doesn’t get a lot of sleep anyway (she sleeps 11-15 hours in a 24 hour period, they say babies should get 16-18), I relent and let her sleep on me just so she gets some sleep. I’ll have to ask about that in my mothers group which starts on Tuesday. Hannah likes to keep us on our toes when she sleeps on us. Her favourite position seems to be face first on your shoulder. I have to keep my hand on her back just to make sure she is still breathing and not suffocating herself. I don’t know how she breathes when she is face first on me, but somehow she does.

Finally, I don’t have roots down to my ears! The Jess came over on the weekend and dyed my hair for me. I am now a brunette (with a reddish tinge), and it only cost me $9.99 (but since there are no pennies in Australia, it was really $10).

I will have a very busy week this week. I have my 6 week check up tomorrow to make sure I’m all healed, etc. after giving birth. Tuesday I have my first mothers group, Wednesday, my boob specialist appointment, and then on Friday, I should be starting a postnatal pilates class. I left the registration a bit late (I’m faxing it tomorrow), so hopefully I will get in. I’m also going to take Hannah to the shopping centre to get some groceries. If she gets hungry, I can just take her to the mothers room which, I’m told, has TVs so you can feed your baby and not be bored.

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