26 weeks

30 Mar

Pregnancy: 26 weeks 1 day
Total weight gain: 9 Kilos (19.8 pounds) AARRGGHH!!!

I’ve decided to put the total weight gain in my posts as I think it helps all of you who are overseas to keep up with the development of our pregnancy. Of course, looking at the number, especially in pounds, is a little bit scary. The other day I tried to put on my only pair of shorts (apart from the house only kind) and horrifyingly couldn’t get them past my bum. I’m going to tell myself it is because my bump is quite low and adds circumference to the lower area, but I deep down, I know that my butt has expanded a bit. According to all of the pregnancy books, this is quite normal, and will go away after birth (it better). I know 9 kilos seems like a lot of weight gain, but I certainly don’t think I look like I’ve gained that much. It also helps that people keep telling me that from behind they can’t tell I’m pregnant at all (keep the compliments coming!). According to the baby books and websites, you are supposed to gain 11.5-16 kilos (25-35 pounds) during pregnancy, gaining a pound a week every week after your first trimester. If this holds true for me, I should top out at about 15 kilos (33.8 pounds), which is in the normal range. Of course, according to all the books I’m always classed as “underweight” which means I should gain 28-40 pounds during pregnancy. That makes me feel a little better…. I would feel a lot better if my thighs didn’t rub together when I walk, didn’t feel like I was waddling, and didn’t make involuntary noises when getting up. But, we’ll let that slide. After all, I am growing a human being.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought giant panties to accommodate my growing bum. Really, they are only one size bigger then I usually wear, so that’s not so bad. I’ve also discovered that the top of my bump makes a nice little table for putting a cup on. Granted I have to lean back a little bit for this to work, but I normally don’t sit bolt upright anyway (note to self: must teach Mushi good posture). I’ll have to get Aaron to take a photo of my belly table to put on here.

Now that I’m quite obviously pregnant, strangers, contractors at work, the person I’m buying a train ticket from, anyone really, will ask me when I’m due, or how long I have to go. I do find it entertaining when men ask though. There is that tiny bit of time between them asking, and me answering when I can see a look of sheer terror in their eyes, wondering for just a second if they have just asked someone who is not pregnant when her baby is due (something, which it seems, all men are terrified of doing). Then I tell them and can see the relief in their face. One of these days I will give them a funny look and then say I’m not pregnant, just to freak them out.

We are still continuing our quest for a different apartment to rent. We were actually approved for 2 last week, but they both wanted us to move in asap, and our lease doesn’t end until 9 May. We didn’t really want to pay for 2 apartments for a month as that is rather expensive, so we said no. We had a look at one that we really like on the weekend. Hopefully we will be apporved for it and they won’t mind us moving in early May.

Aaron and I have also started a new project: Sheri’s World. Right now it’s just board game reviews (video, not just type) by me, and taped by Aaron, but later I want to do baby stuff and maybe some wii games as well. We made our first one last night, which was really fun. I’ll put a link on here when we put it on You Tube. There are a number of other people who do board game reviews, but no other girls, so I think it will be interesting to a number of (nerdy) people (we kind of had in mind that the board game geeks would use it to show their girlfriends to get them into board games, but it’s also good for anyone who likes board games, or those who want to get into board games). Even if no one watches it, we had a lot of fun making it, and will continue to make new episodes.

That’s all for now, I will write again next week.

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