24 weeks

16 Mar

24 weeks Pregnant:
Aaron and I went away this weekend, a lovely present that Aaron got me for my birthday. We were both lucky enough to have Friday off work, so were able to leave at about 1pm which was quite good. I also got my very first Australian drivers licence that morning. About time, it’s only been 8 years! We were both very hungry for lunch by the time we got going, so we thought we’d find some fast food or something on the motorway, but as time went on, nothing was found. We decided to stop in a little whoop whoop town called Mooney Mooney, which seemed to consist of a boat ramp, and one gas station/shop/burger joint. This was all the one store mind you. The things they had on their shelves were actually quite comical. They only had one of each item, and the items were quite random. If you wanted some rice, or plain pasta, you were just plain out of luck. If you wanted a blue odd shaped wooden thingy that kind of resembled a step stool (but didn’t look like it would be very safe or level), then you were in the right place. They did however, have one thing of baby powder (but nothing else for baby). I should have taken a photo of what was on their shelves, but I did not. Anyway, we had fish and chips for lunch there. You would think the man who worked there (and probably owned it) would be happy for any customers, but instead he seemed a bit grumpy at the prospect of having to serve us.

The cabin Aaron booked for us was really good. It was so relaxed, had a bath tub (with jets), kitchen, bedroom, and a tv, dvd player, and cable. Not that the DVD player worked. It was a very good, relaxing weekend. There were some giant ducks hanging about as well that I fed out of my hand (after some coaxing). I was quite alarmed the first night when I got up after playing lots of board games with Aaron and my feet were very swollen and sore. That is the first time I’ve had that in my pregnancy so far. It felt so weird walking on them. Luckily we had the bathtub, I had a nice (lukewarm so as not to cook Mushi) bath and put my feet on the jets which worked a treat.

Mushi seems to really like church. Everytime we go, he/she is very excitable, moving all around and kicking up a storm. This week at church, I saw a lady in the bathroom who told me that a member of the morning congregation (we go to the evening service) just had a baby naturally that weighed 4.5 Kilos (9.9 pounds). I can’t even begin to imagine having a baby that giant, and really really hope that ours does not weigh that much at birth. After all, I’m not that big. We had to leave fairly early from the supper/yakking after church due to my crazy pregnancy reflux. I forgot to bring my Rennie (prego woman safe antacids), and really needed to go home and have some so my throat didn’t feel like it was being slowly burned into nothing.

This morning I took some fish oil tablets (to aid in the growth of Mushi’s brain), and an hour or so later, I burped. It tasted like fish and I couldn’t figure out why. I thought back, I haven’t eaten fish in the last 2 days, what is going on??? Oh yeah, I had a fish oil tablet. Bad idea I tell you! I’ve been burping fish taste all day. It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. Note to self: next time, spend the little bit more and get “odourless” fish oil tablets. Only about 400 more left in the jar before that can happen….

Oh yeah, (see, the baby brain… it’s making me forget stuff), on Thursday, Aaron and I looked at a granny flat in Chatswood (as we are looking to move out of our tiny 1 bedroom, preferably before the baby is born), but it turned out to be horrid. The picture that was posted on the website clearly showed a dining table, china hutch and couch. When we got there though, all we saw was a kitchen, 2 small bedrooms, and a little bathroom. I have no idea where they supposedly took the photo on the web from as there is absolutely NO WAY a couch and dining table would fit in that little place. One or the other would barely fit, but not both. The web also said it had a yard, which turned out to be a block of cement otherwise known as the carport that goes with the main house. Awesome. Needless to say, we did not apply for said granny flat, nor were we impressed. The agent didn’t even say hi, which I thought was very rude. As if anyone is going to pay $370 per week for something that is smaller then our current tiny one bedroom apartment. Tell him he’s dreaming. And so, the search continues. The problem of course, is that we have guinea pigs, and despite the fact they they are in a cage, and can’t do any sort of damage to a house/apartment/whatever, they are not allowed in most places (and we don’t want to lie and then sneak them in because that is not the right thing to do).

So to sum up being 24 weeks pregnant: I’m so awkward in my movements that it’s comical (especially when trying to get out of bed over my long pregnancy pillow. It seems like I’m trying to get over a mountain, and probably looks that way), my feet have started to whinge at me by swelling if I don’t elevate them some during the day, my stomach acid wants to eat my esophagus (can’t be bothered looking up the spelling on that one, and I’m sorry, but it’s just not a word that I need to spell on a regualr basis), Bending over to pick something up is somewhat of a production which includes involuntary grunts, I’m horrified by the thought of having a giant 4.5 kilo baby, and I don’t great a great nights sleep because I have to wake up to pee at least once during the night. But you know what? This is all part of the beautiful gift of life that is growing inside me, it’s just funny to write about. Oh, and one more thing, my belly button is threatening me more and more each day with thoughts of popping out. I wonder if it will suddenly just pop one day, or slowly become an outy. I shall soon (very by the looks of it) find out!

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